is an online tool that helps you save time organizing, tracking, and collaborating on anything in your daily life.

Save time with less distractions.

Great for freelancers, small businesses, teams, contractors, consultants, event planners, students, researchers, clubs.

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Simple & Free

Create and manage workspaces containing posts along with their attached files and comments all for free, using an interface that you can master in minutes.

Time Saver

Save time by keeping related assets together. When addressing a post everything you need is already together avoiding extra work. Easily create posts from emails by forwarding them to your workspace.


Organize posts effortlessly by pasting in what needs to be done, then keep track by checking them off when they are taken care of. Prioritization is a snap with an easy drag and drop interface.


See what is going on in your workspaces at all times. Get subtle visual notifications when things happen. You can access everything whether at your workstation on on your phone.


Completely free. No trial period. No credit card. No contracts to sign. Cancel anytime. Optional upgrades available.

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